Kotosoupa lemon, egg & chicken broth with orzo
Lobster & butternut squash bisque
Soup of the Day


Caesar Salad
Warmed Goats Cheese Salad with roasted red peppers, pine nuts and wild greens tossed in a raspberry honey vinaigrette
Horiatiki traditional Greek salad

Cold Appetizers

Homous chick pea and garlic dip served with pita bread
Tzatziki yogurt and cucumber dip served with pita bread
Tarama dungeness crab and caviar dip served with pita bread
Octopus marinated in a roasted red pepper sauce
Beef Carpaccio with horseradish crème fraiche
Tuna Carpaccio with a wasabi ali oli

Hot Appetizers

Saganaki crispy fontina cheese sautéed with fresh lemon
Roasted Garlic Brie wrapped in filo pastry on strawberry & blueberry brandy sauce
Calamari crispy deep fried squid with tzatziki
Dolmades beef & rice grape leaf rolls with ali oli
Spanakopita spinach & feta cheese wrapped in filo pastry
Sautéed Garlic Prawns in a tomato, basil cream sauce
Clams & Mussels steamed in either a white wine or a spicy tomato sauce Main Course


Penne with roasted chicken tenders and fresh sundried tomato pesto in a rose sauce
Linguini with prawns, smoked salmon & mussels in a light lemon cream caper sauce
Rigatoni with chorizo & wild mushrooms in a fresh tomato basil sauce


Cedar Planked Salmon oven roasted topped with fresh mango & sweet chili
Halibut oven baked pesto wild mushroom crusted halibut on Basmati pilaf
Giant Prawns & Digby Scallops pan seared in a lemon pepper Vodka sauce
Zarzuela a symphony of seafood with , prawns, Halibut, calamari, crab, scallops and salmon

Meat & Poultry

Roast Lamb a la Cypriota our house specialty
Roast Lamb serving for four persons
Rack of Lamb crusted with dijon & pistachio nuts, served with mashed poatoes, seasonal vegetables & demi glace
Souvlaki tender skewers of marinated lamb or chicken
Moussaka layers of eggplant, ground beef & spices topped with bechamel
Arni Fricasse lamb casserole with marinated artichoke hearts & seasonal vegetables
Free Range Chicken Breast oven roasted stuffed with goat's cheese, sun dried tomato & artichokes topped with a pink peppercorn red wine demi glace
Oven Roasted Duck Breast served with wild mushroom risotto & demi glace
Strip loin served with mashed potato and a red wine demi glace
Tenderloin wrapped in double smoked bacon served with a tower of mashed potato and a green peppercorn reduction


Filo Tower with seasonal grilled vegetables, mashed yam and potato layered between basil filo pastry squares and topped with a tomato basil sauce

Children’s Menu

upon request

Ask your server for the daily dessert menu